No Snow Day Woe

Today is February 8, 2020. It’s been 88 days since our last snow day. The students in Michigan are beginning to lose their composure.

And so are the teachers, if we’re being honest. So, how do you keep a class of disgruntled pre-teens focused through the injustice of having to be in school when it’s snowing?


Acknowledge their feelings.

They are frustrated and unhappy. Justify their feelings. Tell them that you understand how they feel. Tell them that you were also hoping for a snow day. Once you have allowed them to express themselves and noted their feelings, the next step is easier.


CONTINUE THE ROUTINE. Consistency is key in the classroom. They might ask to watch a movie or have a fun day. Do. Not. Give. In.


Keep them busy with engaging, challenging, academic work. Give them something to take their mind off the fact that they could have slept in today and played video games.

Me? My Speech class held a Socratic Seminar about a TED talk, my Drama students learned about the articulation of consonants using IPA, and my Spanish students played competitive vocabulary games.

I love it when students are surprised at how fast the hour goes by.

Total complaining time: 3 min.

Total teaching time: 47 min.

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