Novel Corona-virus

On Tuesday, my husband and I voted in the Michigan Democratic Primary.

On Wednesday, there was a Late Start at school to work with our Passion Project Professional Learning Communities. I’m on the Mindfulness Committee. We put together resources for teachers to use with students and alone to promote well-being.

Wednesday night, an event in Ann Arbor I was planning on going to was canceled.

On Thursday, my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students were nervous. I tried to calm their fears and give them the facts as I knew them from the website.

“Do you think they are going to close school?”

“Do you think they will close before or after Spring Break?”

“Are we all going to die?”

“I heard a guy in quarantine drank only purple Gatorade and got better.”

It was a draining day that culminated in a voluntary staff meeting about how Friday’s schedule would look. They changed the schedule so that there weren’t so many students in the cafeteria at once. (We have about 900 students in the building total.)

But late Thursday night, the governor announced that all K-12 buildings would close on Monday and re-open April 6.

At 5:30am, my school district closed school Friday.

It feels like a really weird dream; I can’t imagine not seeing my students for three weeks. There are so many thoughts going through my head and so many questions I know can’t be answered.

I decided to go into the building to organize my classroom and try and get some control of the situation.

I’ve organized my GoogleDrive, thrown away old assignments, and straightened my book shelves. I need some semblance of normalcy right now.

More than anything, I hope we can keep as many people as safe as possible.

Stay healthy and wash your hands,

Mrs. White

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