Keyboard Shortcuts

I debated whether to save this post for later or make it a priority. Everyone uses (or should use) ctrl + C and ctrl + v for copy and paste. How much time are you really saving by using those keyboard shortcuts instead of your mouse? It turns out, it’s a lot of freaking time!

There are so many more wonderful keyboard shortcuts that will make your life easier and save you time when you are planning, teaching, and grading all online.

Note: I am going to be talking mostly about Windows and Chromebook in this post. If you are working on a mac, you may need to look up Apple-specific shortcuts.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

A very good place to start.

Ctrl + a

Ctrl+a selects all the text where you are working. If you are in a table cell, it will select all the text in that cell. If you have a 20 page document and you realize you need to change the font and you don’t want to drag your mouse, this shortcut is for you.

Ctrl+enter jumps you to the next page. This is great for formatting. No more wonky formatting when you go back the edit.

Here’s the fun stuff:

Ctrl + SHIFT + V
This beauty takes text you want to paste and matches the formatting where you are pasting it.

If you are reading an article online and you want to find a specific word, crtl+f just became your best friend. Check this out with a Wikipedia article on Harry Potter:

Ctrl+t and Ctrl+l
These two shortcuts are used with your internet browser. Ctrl+t opens a new tab and Ctrl+l selects the text in the address bar. Check it out:

Let me know what your favorite keyboard shortcuts are. Did I miss any that you can’t live without? Leave a comment!

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