My favorite online resources

One of the biggest advantages we have in education today is access to the internet. The problem is how do you find the best information available? Here are my favorite internet places to go to find inspiration, news, information, and the latest research.

Michelle Emerson is the teacher behind “Pocketful of Primary” on YouTube. Her channel is FULL of amazing technology and organization tips. Some of my favorite videos of hers include “My Current Digital Favorites” , “7 Ways to Grade Faster in Google Classroom”, “How to Create a Google Forms Quiz”, and “How I Make My Google Slides for Teaching”.

Not only does Michelle have great ideas, but her videos are entertaining and her personality infectious. Her passion for education shines through the screen and you can’t help but be inspired to try her suggestions.

There are endless ways to engage with Jennifer Gonzalez from Cult of Pedagogy. There are blog posts, a podcast, videos, and a store. Her content ranges from technology tips to lesson planning to social-emotional learning to behavior management. One thing I love about Cult of Pedagogy is that if new information or research comes out about a topic, Gonzalez updates her opinion and information.

The best part is how organized and easy to find everything is on the website. When you go to her blog, everything is sorted into categories as well as chronologically. You can peruse the site for gems or find specific information about a topic on your mind already.

KQED is a media company based out of San Francisco, California and is affiliated with both National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting Company (PBS). MindShift is where all topics education are housed. There is also a MindShift podcast, but the articles are concise and relevant. It’s an easy way to stay up to date on the politics, best practices, and problems facing education today.

Some recent articles include: How Movement and Gestures Can Improve Student Learning, Down With Toxic Positivity! For Teachers and Students, Healing Isn’t Blind Optimism, and Distance Learning Tools That Teachers and Students Hope Become the Norm.

What are your favorite online resources?