Annotated Transcript

EAD 860
The Concept of the
Learning Society
Steven Weiland
Educators identify the role society plays in learning by looking at the differences between formal and informal education. Topics included motivation, culture, values, and modes of learning. In this class, I explored several different ideas about education and the importance of informal education.
EAD 801
Leadership and
Organizational Development
Spring 2017William Arnold
Leaders of organizations have many factors to consider when making decisions relating to personnel. Figuring out an individual’s strengths and then capitalizing on those strengths improves your organization.
ED 800
Concepts of
Educational Inquiry
Steven Weiland
Various educational philosophies and pedagogical practices influence modern education and decisions about what students learn.
TE 843
Secondary Reading
Assessment and Instruction
Ashley Johnson
Literacy comes in many forms including out of classroom experiences. This course identifies ways to form relationships with students to find out how to create readers.
TE 846
Accommodating Differences
in Literacy Learners
Ashley Johnson
Literacy looks different across content areas and individuals. There are several strategies that can assist readers as they navigate text in class.
EAD 863
Training and
Professional Development
Spring 2019Emerald Templeton
Organizing training and professional development requires researching the specific needs of the organization, selecting instructional methods and strategies, and providing and gathering feedback.
TE 848
Writing Assessment
and Instruction
Raven Jones
Being supportive, providing students with authentic experiences, and giving positive and rapid feedback are best practices in writing assessment and instruction.
CEP 841
Classroom and
Behavior Management
in the Inclusive Classroom

Troy Mariage,
The best classroom management strategy is to set students up for success.
CEP 818
Creativity in
Teaching and Learning
Missy Cosby,
Swati Mehta
Both teachers and students can use creative thinking to explore topics from several different angles.