Amanda White

Middle School Teacher

In order to get to know more about me, I’d like to share with you what a typical day looks like (before COVID-19):

School, Sweet School
5:00amWake up and complete morning routine.
6:20amDrive to school 🚗
(probably stop at Starbucks for a Chai Tea Latte) ☕
7:00amArrive at work.
Turn on computers and lights. 🖥️
Double check all handouts are printed.
Write date and learning objectives on the board. ✍️
Test all technology.
7:55amStudents enter the building!
8:05amHomeroom- Watch EastMiddleSchool TV 📺 (morning announcements)
First Hour- Spanish 1A with 6th and 7th Grade
9:18amSecond Hour- Speech 🎙️ with 7th and 8th Grade
(in a room at the other end of the building)
10:15amThird Hour- Drama 🎭 with 7th and 8th Grade
11:16amFourth Hour- Spanish 1A with 7th Grade
(Back in Spanish Room)
11:53amLUNCH! 🍽️
12:22pmFourth Hour returns from lunch.
10 minutes of silent, independent reading 📚
Wrap up lesson
12:56pmFifth Hour- planning
1:58pmSixth Hour- Spanish 1B with 7th and 8th Grade
3:02pmDismissal 🔔
Prepare for tomorrow
3:45pmDrive home 🚗
4:30pmArrive home
Play with Baby! 🧸
6:00pmDinner 🍽️- usually made by my husband
8:00pm Bedtime for Baby 💤
8:30pmNight routine
-Lesson Plans
9:30pmRead in bed until 10 or until asleep 💤
My Spanish Classroom
My daughter, Elizabeth.
Photo Credit: Ann Breitner (my mother)