Benefits of Reflection and Restorative Justice

My behavior management philosophy stands upon the foundations of consistency, compassion, and clear expectations. Students are aware of the classroom rules and consequences. I believe that follow through is extremely important. I always do what I say whether it is positive or negative consequences. This builds trust and provides comfort and security. I also try to think about the entire student when making decisions. I make sure that I communicate my thought process and feelings. I let them know if I am having a bad day or when I make a mistake. I never give tests or quizzes on Mondays. If they tell me that they are overwhelmed and have too many assignments or tests, we work together to change the schedule. There is an open line of communication and they know that I will always validate their feelings and be reasonable.

Here is an example of a procedure in my classroom. If a student breaks a class rule, being disruptive, I give them a clear, verbal warning. If they break another rule, I give them a laminated, red stop sign that says, “Please make a better choice.” If I have to speak to that student for a third time, they take this “Pre Conference Think Sheet” to the Responsibility Room and fill it out with the help of the teacher. When they get back to my room, we can talk about their behavior and repair the damage.