Making GoogleSlides pt.1

The first thing you want to do when creating your GoogleSlides is to make a template.

From here, you can do whatever you want and students won’t be able to move it around, you will be able to edit the same slides every day, and it will generally make your life easier.

Get rid of the text boxes on the first layout slide.


Then, delete all the other slides. You don’t need them. Don’t be a horder. DELETE THEM.

If you like color as much as me, be prepared to have. your. mind. blown.

Okay. Click on “Colors” to bring up the theme color palate. From there, you can choose a color to change.

From there, the rainbow is at your finger tips!

Look at that! Your favorite color is now saved at the bottom of the color selections.

You can edit this however you want, but here’s how I make my daily slides.

You can make a color border using a background color and a rectangle. Here’s how:

First, change the background color. I picked red.

Then, insert a rectangle and size it so you can see a border of red.

I changed the fill color to white and added a thick black border. I tried 8pt, but decided to go with 12pt. because it looked nicer.

On the first page, I like to put a bellringer so the students can get started right away. When students are face to face, they can get started right away when they sit down. When students are virtual, you can present your screen of the bellringer and they can get started as soon as they join.

Use WordArt for titles.

When you use WordArt, you can resize text like you do images. So much faster than playing with font sizes in text boxes.

Change the font just like you would normally.

Change the FILL color and the OUTLINE color.
(I usually just make the outline transparent.)
You can customize this however you want!
Bold it! Italicize it! Add a drop shadow!

The Agenda

For my classes, I like to start with the date, what activities we will do in class, the learning target, the success criteria, and the homework. The basic layout needs to stay the same, but I need to be able to edit the different pieces. Here’s how:

Click on Shapes. I like the rounded rectangle. Let’s keep with the red and black theme.

Okay. Bear with me here.

Make a copy of the box AND the word art. You can resize the box.

DOUBLE CLICK on the word art to change the text.

Copy and Paste. Copy and Paste. Copy and Paste.

Did you know that there is an ARROW beside the text box icon?!

Title placeholder. OhEmGee.

Place the textbox and format however you want. I made the text white to show up on the black background.

Copy and Paste. Copy and Paste. Copy and Paste.

Exit out of editing the Master Slides and add the layout you just made to your presentation. You now never have to add a text box to your daily slide again. WOOT!

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